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Our company has been serving West Columbia and surrounding areas for 26 years. We currently have over 250 of our mini barns sitting in back yards all over the area. Our sturdy Amish built mini barns are made of only the finest quality materials. All our storage units and storage sheds are delivered by a proud member of the Clayborn family, usually same day service, as long as the weather permits.

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Clayborn Mini Barns Inc. is proud to introduce our newest lease building to our inventory. It is a 10 x 14 workshop with two lofts, a workbench, and a pegboard wall. To get more information on this newest lease building or any of our lease buildings please contact our office at 803-926-2272

10x14 Workshop
Inside Dimensions 8x12
Sturdy Barn Style Doors
Rear Window
10x14 Carriage House

We have been serving our clients in and around Columbia, SC. Our Sturdy 8x12 and 10x14 storage units are built by an Amish family in Berlin, OH. We have been buying our mini barns for over 26 years from the same supplier. The flooring is made of 2x6 tongue & groove and it’s sitting on four 4x6 treated skids. Our storage sheds are built with T-111 siding 5/8 thick, has a loft, rear window, and 25-year shingles on the roof. There is no pressboard in our storage buildings at all. These barns are built with top quality materials and design.

Why Us?

Our business has been in operation since 1994 and we are proud to say that we have our own delivery trucks to transport our portable storage units in Columbia. We keep our storage units simple and attractive to your backyard and make sure that it does not look like a wooden box sitting at your home. In addition, our monthly lease rate has not changed since the day we started and always offered our storage sheds for only $55. It has always been at the same rate including the sales tax.

Throughout the years, our top priority has always been convenience. We always make sure that our units are suitable to our clients’ needs and keep our portable white and red storage unit styles always available for our clients’ selection.

Lease a Clayborn Mini Barn
of West Columbia, SC

Our portable red and white barn style buildings will even impress your neighbors. $55 Monthly lease, Portable Storage barn that is convenient to you in your own back yard and has been the same lease price for 26 years and this also includes your state sales tax.

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