Most Reliable Storage Shed Builder In Columbia and Nearby Areas

Our portable Clayborn Mini Barn, Inc storage units are only $55 monthly with a $50 delivery fee (Covered up to 25 miles; additional charges for deliveries over 25 miles) and a $65 deposit. Our mini barns are lease with option to buy. These are NOT lease To Own units. Upon delivery, $135 is due and that will cover your first months lease, delivery and deposit.

All mini barn contracts have a four month minimum lease requirement and all contracts automatically renew on the first day of each month. All monthly lease are due on the first day of each month. Your second month lease will be prorated to $1.50 per day up to $55. Lease with option to buy price is listed on the back of your lease contract.

Why Us?

We offer you convenient portable storage in your own back yard that doesn’t look like a unattractive plastic or wooden box sitting at your home.

Clayborn Mini Barn, Inc has been family owned and operated since 1994. We are proud to say our monthly lease rate of $55 has been the same low rate since the day we started.

Our portable red and white barn style buildings will even impress your neighbors.

Lease a Clayborn Mini Barn of West Columbia, SC

$55 Monthly lease, Portable Storage barn that is convenient to you in your own back yard.